If I buy a cartridge from you will it void the warranty on my printer?
It is your right as a consumer to choose the brand of ink for your printer. Contrary to claims by the original equipment manufacturers, using any of our inkjet products will not void any warranty on your printer.

The New Zealand Commerce Act 1986 and the Fair Trading Act 1986 actually state that it is illegal for a manufacturer to require the consumer to use a particular brand of supply.

How about the performance of your compatible ink cartridge?
Both for black or colour ink cartridges, the printing performance of our inks is as good as an original cartridge.

How do I place an order online?
If you know the code of the ink cartridges, you can find the item you want in "Find Items" and click it, then following the instructions to buy it easily. You also can click the Printer brand button on the top or Ink Cartridges Picture on Homepage to click the your printer model to find out the suitable ink cartridges.

Can I order by mail or fax?
Yes, we accept orders by mail and fax. For details please refer to How To Order.

Why don't I receive your confirmation email after I putting a order?
We always send out our confirmation email once receiving your order. You may find the email in your Trash or Bulk folder because of your email sever configuration. Once you find it there, you may choose it as "Not Spam" email, so you can receive our email next time.

How do I know that my order went through?
If you place order online, you should receive email confirmations.
You also can check your order status anytime by login this website with your email and password.

Is it possible to cancel my order?
If you want to cancel an order you may do so by emailing us at sales@goink.co.nz
. Please type "Order Cancellation" in the subject line. Please include your Full name and order number. We will be unable to cancel your order if you want to cancel after 4:00pm on the date when you put the order.

What is the procedure for a refund?
Refunds are issued based on the form of payment made. A cheque will be issued if paid by money order or check.

Why can't I print out the papers as many as the print capacity?

The Print Capacity given is based on continuous Printing after ink replacement, paper size, configuration and coverages. The actual print capacity may vary. The Ink charging process reduces the print capacity of the initial Cartridge. It uses plenty of ink in printing test after cartridge's nozzles check.

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